Webinar: Collaboration Tips for Deposition and Motion Prep

Deposition & Motion Practice Webinar

Webinar: Collaboration Tips for Deposition and Motion Prep

Webinar: Collaboration Tips for Deposition and Motion Prep 1000 667 Michael Beumer

Daniel D’Angelo – Nextpoint

This free, recorded webinar  gives you everything you need for deposition preparation. After the review and production phases of discovery are complete, a lot of people must collaboratively work with produced evidence to prepare a strong case. Keeping them coordinated is often a challenge, particularly when you’re working with expert witnesses and counsel outside of your own firm.

Thankfully, plenty of technology and workflows exist to address these specific challenges—some by accident, and some by design.

Daniel D’Angelo, director of Nextpoint’s Data Strategy team, recently took attendees through best practices for organizing and preparing for depositions in a special Nextpoint webinar jointly produced with the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center. He was joined by Jamie Carruth of Whatley Kallas, who provided insights gained from his experiences as a litigator.

The two cover a range of topics of deposition preparation, from establishing protocols for exchanging and working with evidence to preparing witnesses for depositions. These include:

  • Drafting a litigation “battle plan”
  • Creating a central repository for documents
  • Safely sharing key evidence with all parties
  • Best practices for deposition preparation
  • Tools for keeping internal / external stakeholders on task

Check out the full webinar in the embedded video above. You can also download our Preparing for Depositions e-book for a comprehensive prep checklist and video tips for recording deponents.