Nextpoint Adds Predictive Coding On-Demand to Ediscovery Software

Nextpoint Adds Predictive Coding On-Demand to Ediscovery Software

Nextpoint Adds Predictive Coding On-Demand to Ediscovery Software 150 150 Jason Krause

Nextpoint is excited to unveil the integration of predictive coding on-demand technologies from our friends at Backstop into Nextpoint’s next-generation evidence management platform.

What this means for our clients is that they now have access to advanced machine learning capabilities to meet any of their litigation, regulatory or compliance needs.

By leveraging both companies’ expertise in cloud computing technology, we can now provide a seamless service that delivers this potentially game-changing technology to small and mid-sized law firms. In addition to making this technology available to our clients, Nextpoint is also delivering the expert professional services needed to effectively and defensibly undertake a predictive coding project.

Backstop’s Deep Expertise

Backstop classifies documents using machine-learning technology, a form of artificial intelligence. Backstop has spent more than seven years tuning and adapting its cutting-edge predictive algorithms to the legal context, including foreign languages. Their technology has been independently tested and validated by successful engagements with some of the nation’s leading law firms.

Predictive coding is one of a number of computer-based technologies used by lawyers to handle internet-age litigation. Backstop’s machine learning software uses a human-categorized “seed set” to categorize documents and then make predictions upon which other documents may be of interest to the litigation team.

“Nextpoint is the ideal partner for our predictive coding technology,” says Bruce Fein, Legal Director with Backstop LLP. “The Nextpoint litigation platform was built from the ground up for scale, and they can process and manage enormous quantities of data like few other providers. It’s the perfect platform to leverage our advanced search technology across large sets of data.”

“We are thrilled to offer more options that increase our clients’ command over the evidence in their cases, at a cost that makes it a realistic option for a wide range of matters,” says Nextpoint founder and CEO Rakesh Madhava. “The combination of our patented cloud platform and Backstop’s algorithms enables lawyers to develop a keen understanding of the evidence in their cases early on. And that’s so critical to providing sound legal counsel to their clients.”

Changing the Conversation in eDiscovery

Nextpoint is the world’s leading evidence management service featuring an unparalleled combination of patented technology and world-class support that has helped thousands of lawyers serve their clients. Please contact us, visit our ediscovery pricing page, or watch one of our ediscovery webinars to find out how Nextpoint can help you meet your client’s next legal technology challenge.