Democratizing eDiscovery Today

Democratizing eDiscovery Today

Democratizing eDiscovery Today 150 150 Jason Krause

Nextpoint understands as well as anyone that unless eDiscovery is affordable and manageable for small cases, our system of law will break.


Tom O’Connor’s recent LTN article, “Pricing: The Small Case eDiscovery Dilemma,” revived Craig Ball’s 2010 EDna Challenge to see if a lawyer could successfully manage an eDiscovery project for less than $1,000. We’d like to let Tom and others know that this is not a pipe dream; this is what Nextpoint does every day.

Two years ago, Nextpoint successfully responded to Craig’s EDna challenge. At the time, we demonstrated that the fictional “EDna” in Craig’s challenge could use Nextpoint to process, review and produce native files for under $300. Tom’s recent article was hopeful that affordable, full-featured solutions exist.

However, the article failed to note that Nextpoint does not charge for data — at all. Compare this to Lexbe’s pricing model, which was included in the article, starting at $99 per gigabyte. You can see our pricing information for more detail.

But most importantly, our suite of products are infinitely scalable. This means any firm can manage any sized matter in one end-to-end eDiscovery and trial platform with our negotiable managed plans. And with our secure, cloud-based review platform, there is no software to buy or install, and no IT costs for users.

Democratizing eDiscovery is an important aspiration for our industry, and we want more lawyers to know that the solution does in fact exist.