New Tools for Document Review: How to Split Your Massive Documents

New Tools for Document Review: How to Split Your Massive Documents

New Tools for Document Review: How to Split Your Massive Documents 150 150 Jason Krause

eDiscovery document review is still an unnecessarily complicated and difficult process in many ways.

In particular, attorneys are still producing large, bulky documents to opposing counsel, making it difficult to even start the review process. A new document splitting tool in the Nextpoint litigation platform makes it possible for document review attorneys to quickly cut unwieldy documents down to a manageable size.

Nextpoint customers have commented that documents are often produced for litigation as enormous Adobe PDF files, often with dozens or hundreds of documents compiled into one master document. The new Document Splitting feature lets clients scroll through a long PDF document that is not broken into individual pages and add page breaks where necessary.

This is an important function that makes it infinitely easier and more practical to review these files and to prepare them for litigation.

Start Document Reviews Faster

The feature is available through the “Document Options” tab. To start, click the drop-down menu and select “Enable Splitting.” Once enabled, the system will add a little scissor icon in between pages where users can choose to create breaks.

If turned on, the reviewer can simply mark all of the pages they would like broken in a large file. Once done, they click a button, confirm their choice to split documents and the documents are then split. A master document remains in the system if they choose to keep it or need to revert back to the original, unbroken document for any reason.

Enable Document Splitting

The most viable document splitting alternative for many law firms is a PDF utility or Adobe products which can split and save individual pages.

However, this functionality is not part of any competing review platform, which adds, time, cost, and complexity to the task of splitting documents. Now, the power to split documents in your hands, and at no extra charge. Because the Nextpoint litigation platform is available on demand as a cloud-based service, this feature is available now to all Nextpoint customers.