Nextpoint’s 2012 Litigation Technology Year in Review

Nextpoint’s 2012 Litigation Technology Year in Review

Nextpoint’s 2012 Litigation Technology Year in Review 150 150 Jason Krause

2012 was a year of radical change for the legal technology industry.

Law firms remained under intense pricing pressure, forcing lawyers to consider new business and billing models. Meanwhile, technology continues to advance, offering the industry new platforms and tools that can save the profession from the ongoing challenges and pressures it faces. Through it all, Nextpoint has worked to stay ahead of the technology curve, giving attorneys the tools they need to manage litigation with the most cost-effective and advanced technology available.

New Technology for Old Problems

In October, Nextpoint officially unveiled Privilege Protect™, the first software tool designed to protect lawyers from one of the most common, case killing mistakes- inadvertent production of evidence. Privilege Protect uses advanced machine learning algorithms to review documents, blocking privileged or protected content from being inadvertently produced in litigation. Privilege Protect appears prominently on the Transfer page of all Nextpoint applications, providing the most secure transfer mechanism available for producing documents in a legal context.

Around the same time, we also introduced a wholly redesigned and more comprehensive website. In addition to publishing three separate product sites for Cloud Preservation, Discovery Cloud, and Trial Cloud, the main Nextpoint website and blog provide a complete and thorough introduction to our products and ongoing industry trends. The new site offers product information, unbiased industry news and insight, and more content, including a whole library of free whitepapers and resources and ediscovery webinars revolutionizing the practice of law.

Throughout the year, Nextpoint introduced even more support and functionality for managing large volumes of evidence in litigation. These enhancements include support for direct import of webmail, allowing litigators to automatically import email from web services into Discovery Cloud ™ and Trial Cloud™ services. We’ve also made sure to stay ahead of the invisible, backend technology challenges that can affect the collection of electronic evidence.

For example, when Facebook updated its authentication, Nextpoint’s Cloud Preservation was already updated. We’ve also customized our applications with custom codes and labels, added support for large disk image files, and DeNIST technology to eliminate unnecessary files from your data collections in litigation. And for large, corporate data projects, Nextpoint expanded it’s professional services offerings to include SmartCrawl Collections™, helping organizations collect data from almost any cloud-based sources.

Industry Recognition

As an early adopter of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, Nextpoint became the first litigation software provider accepted into the exclusive AWS  Advanced Technology Partner’s Program. And recently, Technolawyer gave Cloud Preservation an A+ rating in a review written by Bruce Olson, a nationally recognized legal technologist, Certified Computer Examiner, and co-author of the best-selling Electronic Evidence and Discovery Handbook: Forms, Checklists and GuidelinesYou can download and read the entire review here: Nextpoint Review in TechnoLawyer.

It’s been a transformative year for many lawyers and Nextpoint has been working hard to stay ahead of those changes. 2013 is sure to be just as volatile and interesting, but Nextpoint is committed to adapting to any changes that come along. As always, keep checking this blog for news, analysis, and updates to help the profession continue to innovate, understand, and evolve.