New Smarter Export Templates & Data Fielding

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New Smarter Export Templates & Data Fielding

New Smarter Export Templates & Data Fielding 717 458 Tricia Boguslawski

In 2015, Nextpoint ediscovery software unveiled custom, reusable templates for expediting the process of data export. Over the last 3 years, export templates have saved thousands of hours for hundreds of Nextpoint users.

Today we’re now happy to announce the release of a more comprehensive export template library, coupled with a metadata fields expansion project. Our team of ediscovery experts purpose-built a new cache of templates for “most common”  data export scenarios. These templates are available to all users and include over 15 new metadata fields accessible for more refined searching and export.

With this upgrade, users also have the ability to assign custodians upon import. The result is more sophisticated organization and naming of available work-product and metadata fields in your ediscovery projects.

Automating ediscovery

Nextpoint’s dev and product teams began this project in the Spring of 2018 with the expressed goal of enabling users to self-perform the production phase of their project. Our mission has always been to simplify and automate any repetitive data process in the ediscovery lifecycle.

To begin, we reviewed hundreds of ESI protocols to ensure that we were routinely extracting all necessary metadata fields in the import phase, and building a production template that would fall in line with both Sedona and EDRM industry standards.

One thing we noted: “Custodian” is a field that is frequently shared among opposing counsel in ediscovery, but often not top of mind until the data production phase. We now allow (and recommend) users to assign a “custodian” at the data import phase to save time and prevent additional data-wrangling at the eleventh hour.  

During the software development process, we also refined and enhanced all available export templates such as PDF exports, Work Product exports and Priv Log exports. These templates now contain image and field types that are the most commonly shared in modern ediscovery. We also devised and built a new Timeline Export template in Nextpoint Prep which gives users a way to export key case data and work-product to create a timeline of events.

nextpoint export templates

New Nextpoint Review and Prep export templates can be edited and saved by users at any time.

DIY ediscovery for all

Our Data Strategy team of experts is always available to consult on your ESI specifications and custom export templates. But not every project warrants this.

Nextpoint continually strives to build software that makes users as self-sufficient as they’d like to be, to save time, and to improve user experience. The latest upgrade to export templates is just another stride in our relentless pursuit of smarter DIY ediscovery.

If you are interested in learning more about this update, please click on this link to watch our What’s New At Nextpoint webinar or contact us at to discuss.

As with all Nextpoint enhancements, this functionality is immediately available to all users in all databases. Viva la cloud!