Law Firm Evolution: Scopelitis Chooses Nextpoint to Provide Litigation Service

Law Firm Evolution: Scopelitis Chooses Nextpoint to Provide Litigation Service

Law Firm Evolution: Scopelitis Chooses Nextpoint to Provide Litigation Service 150 150 Jason Krause

National Transportation Law Firm Joins Nextpoint Select Program to Help Manage Fast-Moving Matters

The Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary law firm has chosen Nextpoint to be a firm-wide provider of in-house eDiscovery collections, review, and trial presentation technology. By joining the Nextpoint Select Partner Program, Scopelitis simplifies litigation for small and medium-sized clients. With the benefit of Nextpoint training, the firm can begin collecting, processing, reviewing, and stamping electronic evidence for litigation the moment a matter is launched.

Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary is a full-service law firm for the transportation industry. With offices in Indianapolis and other transportation hubs across the country, Scopelitis advises more than 5,000 transportation-related clients in the 48 contiguous states. The firm has tried other litigation solutions, but needed a standardized technology platform to use internally when a case is too large or complex to manage manually.

“We tried other solutions, but nothing was as quick and easy to set up and use as the Nextpoint litigation service,” says Theresa Rork, Litigation Support Manager at Scopelitis. “Nextpoint has many of the features and functionality we need with none of the IT headaches you find in other litigation database technologies.”

Now that the firm has adopted Nextpoint’s cloud-based litigation technology as an eDiscovery solution, attorneys and paralegals have immediate access to evidence and the tools needed to manage it from collection through production and trial. And that’s all at the lowest price point in the industry.

Nextpoint’s all-new Nextpoint Select Partner enterprise pricing program makes eDiscovery, trial, and social media archiving services dramatically more efficient, affordable and accessible to all. The Select program offers tiered pricing, lower costs, dedicated support, and predictable billing for matters of all size. And as social media and website content is increasingly important in all types of matters, Nextpoint’s industry-leading cloud collection service helps clients capture and process any type of web content for litigation.

Through the Select Program, Nextpoint is now part of the Scopelitis team, helping the firm move to the next level of in-house capabilities.

“Scopelitis is the ideal Nextpoint Select Partner- a forward looking law firm that takes advantage of web-based technologies to support a diverse client base,” says Nextpoint CEO Rakesh Madhava. “We’re thrilled that Scopelitis’ team is able to call on our technology the moment a matter is launched.”

Changing the Conversation in eDiscovery

The growing cost to process, review, and produce evidence for litigation is a major concern for law firms and their clients. The Nextpoint Select Partner Program is changing that dynamic. Nextpoint Select offers complete training and support to ensure Select partners can use the platform effectively and control the cost and complexity of any matter.

By adopting Nextpoint eDiscovery and litigation technology, legal departments, law firms, and all litigation-related service providers can move to an affordable, effective, cloud-based service, leaving outdated legacy software behind. While the technology powering most litigation is more than 30 years old, Nextpoint’s patented technology platform is built on a modern cloud computing architecture that delivers unlimited computing power, unlimited processing power, and unlimited data storage at one predictable price.

To find out if Nextpoint Select is right for your organization, please visit our pricing page.