Folder Categories + Navigation Improvements

Folder Categories + Navigation Improvements

Folder Categories + Navigation Improvements 150 150 Michael Beumer

On August 25th, we will release our third and final phase of enhancements to Nextpoint Folders in both Document Review and Trial Prep databases.

Earlier this year we introduced new Folder Management and Folder Insights functionality. After taking input from user groups, users will now see the complete enhanced design with the release of our new Folder Categories functionality.

Taking Case Organization to the Next Level

Folder Categories provide users the opportunity to organize folders of similar type and create one layer of ‘subfolders’.  Unlike the traditional subfolders you may find on your computer desktop, categories can be applied to more than one folder.  This flexibility in navigation gives Admins and reviewers alike easier and more efficient access to relevant folders when they are needed.

To get started adding Categories to your case organization, simply click the green “Create Category” button from the folder list in any Review or Prep database.  Follow the prompts in the pop-up modal to set the Category Name, and select to which folders the Category should be applied.  Click “Create” to finalize the setup, and your Category and associated folders will be immediately available in the Category sidebar on the left.

Please note, in order to apply a Category to a Folder, the folder must already be created.  If your folder is not yet set up, you will be provided the opportunity to apply Categories when creating a folder as well.

Picking Your Favorites

Every Review and Prep database is equipped with two preset Categories:  ‘All Folders’ and ‘Favorites’.

While All Folders has always been an existing interface view, the addition of Favorites makes it simple for each individual user to manage their most accessed or top of mind folders in one location.  Favorites are unique to each user and available for all access levels.

To get started organizing your favorite folders, simply navigate to your folder list (All Folders or any custom category) and toggle the star icon to yellow.  To remove a folder from your favorites, toggle the star icon again.  Doing so will remove it from your Favorites list but the folder will remain in “All Folders” and any other associated custom categories.

Managing Your Assignments

In Review databases only, there is an additional ‘Assigned to Me’ preset category in the Category sidebar which maintains folders assigned to the particular user.   

‘Assigned to Me’ is available for all user access levels, and will be the default category selection for any user with Reviewer access.  This instant access gives reviewers a clear and comprehensive view of their review assignments and responsibilities.

In addition to this new preset category, the Assign and Checkout columns have been updated in all Review databases to more quickly display a full list of assignees on hover.  

To learn everything about these new functionalities and how to maximize its potential, check out our Nextpoint Help Center articles on Folder Categories and Favorite Folders.