Exciting Fall 2017 Nextpoint Feature Releases


Exciting Fall 2017 Nextpoint Feature Releases

Exciting Fall 2017 Nextpoint Feature Releases 1000 840 Rakesh Madhava

In the next week we’re rolling out some exciting new Nextpoint features that deliver dynamic analytics tools and substantially faster and easier upload of data.


User-Driven Development

We started the process by listening to our users and documenting specific workflows that get work done faster, easier and with less stress.

We’re rolling out changes incrementally to all users in all databases—so everyone will benefit from the enhancements in speed, responsiveness and usability. Full rollout will be complete by October 15, 2017. Please contact your account executive or email us at support@nextpoint.com if you have additional questions.
Now let’s take a closer look!


1. Enhanced analytics via Nextpoint Discovery Cloud™


Discover what’s in your data

Seeing is believing. This new customizable dashboard—with interactive visualizations of your Review database—gives users vital insight when managing reviews.

Powerful new features include:
  • Real-time keyword refinement and date filtering
  • Dynamically generated statistics which ‘click through’ to files in gridview
  • Easily customizable results based on user-selected metadata filters
  • Interactive progress graphs of review momentum


2. Streamlined Upload Using Nextpoint File Room™


Securely upload and store large data sets

Now it’s easier than ever for non-technical users to upload large sets of data into Nextpoint. We’ve supercharged our file upload engine and built you a secure File Room to store all your data.

Just drag and drop or select multiple files, folders, or archives to be moved into your file room.
And get this: Storing data in your file room is free with your subscription!

When you want to move data (Import) into Review from your file room, we’ve made that simple to do as well. Securely store all your confidential data in your file room, and import only what you need to, when you need to.


Navigating the Changes

We’ve made finding your way to this great new functionality as simple as possible, and tidied up some other things in the process.

Looking for Analytics? You will find your interactive dashboard under the ANALYTICS tab which is far left for all advanced and standard users.

The newly christened DATA tab (erstwhile ‘Process & Produce’) is where you will find everything data-related, including the newly launched File Room. Upload data, import into a Review or Prep database, track imports, exports, downloads and electronic exchanges of data—all from this section of the software.

We’re not finished yet

Continuous innovation has kept Nextpoint at the forefront of legal technology and a leader in cloud-based eDiscovery for over a decade, and we’re going to keep the enhancements coming. We’ll be presenting a full review of these features and more at our annual Technology Advisory Group (TAG) meeting on October 26-27 in Chicago.

We’re really excited about these cool new features, and as always, all users receive this fresh functionality—no installs or upgrades needed. Login to your Nextpoint database and experience these great new features for yourself!