Nextpoint Ranks as eDiscovery Software Market Leader in G2 2021 Winter Report


Nextpoint Ranks as eDiscovery Software Market Leader in G2 2021 Winter Report

Nextpoint Ranks as eDiscovery Software Market Leader in G2 2021 Winter Report 1024 550 David Daskal

We here at Nextpoint are of two minds about tooting our own horn. On the one hand, we’re more in the camp of “walk softly and carry a big stick.” On the other hand, we are genuinely proud of the feedback we’ve been receiving and think it could make a difference to anyone considering us for managing litigation documents in ediscovery.


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In the recently released G2 Winter 2021 report, Nextpoint ranks as an eDiscovery Software Market Leader based on reviews from Nextpoint users and data collected from social networks and online sources through November 2020.


Here are just a few of the wonderful things Nextpoint users said about our product and customer service:

“Nextpoint is a user-friendly affordable option that can be customized for any case.”

I like Nextpoint’s ease of use and the ability to customize. It is also very nice being able to do your own uploads & customization. Nextpoint has been great for our smaller/lower value cases that need an organized way to host & review documents but without expensing giant ESI bills. And if those same cases go to trial, the cost-effective theatre view allows you to put on a high-tech case for the jury without the expenditure of a trial tech.
— Nina H

“Nextpoint is a great ediscovery and trial presentation platform.”

Nextpoint is great because of the very affordable pricing options that allow us to pass through to clients for a fraction of what other platforms charge. The unlimited data storage options for raw data are great for helping clients preserve before discovery begins. The user interface is easy for inexperienced users to learn, and [Nextpoint’s] very convenient trial presentation software works great for Zoom depositions and hearings. Also, the Nextpoint team is very responsive and invested in its customers.

Our Firm did not have an ediscovery solution, most lawyers were still producing PDFs, and only used an ediscovery platform in very large cases where the client could afford to engage a vendor to host and manage the database. Now we have a solution that even our older partners are adopting, allowing us to keep up with and in many cases surpass opposing counsel in our technology skills and compliance with ediscovery rules. We are also able to use it for storing and managing non-litigation matters (such as internal investigations) without incurring expense on behalf of our clients.
— Kate F

“Excellent Review Platform that has the Most User-Friendly Experience We’ve Seen To Date”

The program is exceptionally user friendly and the support team is great to work with when you have questions. They have also been very responsive and great to work with when there are suggestions on how to improve things and their implementation of the feature requests happens in a timely manner.

One of the biggest benefits to the program for us is the ability to share documents or search results to other users without having to export them. This particular feature goes a long way towards helping us combat duplicates in databases and has helped us guide new users to the program that may not have worked in a review platform previously.
— Administrator in Legal Services

“Nextpoint for Construction [Litigation]”

The cost structure allows us to effectively and efficiently litigate our case without the concerns we have had regarding the size of data on platforms that bill per GB. Given the nature of construction litigation, cases tend to be document intensive and the documents themselves are very large (drawing files, CAD files, schedules, etc.).

Relativity does not have the flexibility that we need as a firm to litigate our cases efficiently and other ediscovery providers were simply far too expensive when you factor in both the per-GB cost and the cost of project support for every single call/question. We have been able to upload more cases and more information to Nextpoint and to efficiently access and share that information in a way that was never fully enabled in the past.
— Marisa P

Nextpoint users can let everyone know about their experiences with the software at To see why Nextpoint was chosen as an ediscovery software market leader, read our many reviews on G2.