Deanna Marquez

Deanna Marquez 200 200 Michael Beumer

I have been in litigation support since 2003 and used a variety of products over the course of my time. Nextpoint is very easy to use, has amazing customer service, and most importantly the team listens to customer feedback and provides solid solutions to ensure that their software does what their customers need it to…

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Michael Ko

Michael Ko 211 211 Michael Beumer

Having Nextpoint as a central repository made it easy for various attorneys and litigation support staff to verify what materials I would have available to me in the courtroom. If there were new materials I needed, I could easily pull them down from Nextpoint and into Trial Director.

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Mike Wolin

Mike Wolin 112 112 Michael Beumer

I use Nextpoint for large email document review and production. It has great functions that allow me to sort and filter the uploaded documents to expedite review.  

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