Sarah Hyser-Staub

Sarah Hyser-Staub 150 150 Michael Beumer

One of the best features is that you can divide the workflow into multiple folders that can then be assigned to various reviewers — making it easy to keep track of who is doing what work. The ability to customize “call” buttons, add tags for certain issues, and change the stamp on a redaction is…

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Denise Pellegrini

Denise Pellegrini 150 150 Michael Beumer

I love Nextpoint. It is the fastest, most efficient way to enter designations into a transcript, and certainly results in the most legible end product.

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Gregory V. Ginex

Gregory V. Ginex 150 150 Michael Beumer

Nextpoint is the perfect solution for handling large document production. The fact that I can use it from anywhere I have an internet connection only increases its overall value.

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Nina Towle Herring

Nina Towle Herring 150 150 Michael Beumer

Nextpoint has been an awesome addition to our MDL practice, hosting thousands of exhibits for multiple trials and allowing access to unlimited users. It is extremely user-friendly.

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Jean Casserly

Jean Casserly 150 150 Michael Beumer

It’s flexible in its ability to add coding fields and folders as your review takes shape. The attorneys with whom I work can review and code documents with very little training.

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Martha Howlett

Martha Howlett 150 150 Michael Beumer

Nextpoint is completely different. I love how you can customize the database to suit your case and review. The software is very thoughtfully designed.

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Peter Graham

Peter Graham 150 150 Michael Beumer

The Nextpoint customer success team is very responsive to inquiries and issues. They have quickly understood our objectives, and have been good partners as we seek to drive efficiency in the document review, management, and preparation aspect of our practice.

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Nithya Mathai

Nithya Mathai 450 450 Michael Beumer

The software is very user-friendly. I came from a big firm and worked with sophisticated software in the past. Nextpoint is an improved version of any document review software I have experienced.

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Gregg Collins

Gregg Collins 1536 1536 Michael Beumer

I’ve used all the competitors’ products. For the money, Nextpoint cannot be beat. The interface is easy to use and the Nextpoint team is very quick to respond to questions and issues. This is a great product.

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Clay Rankin

Clay Rankin 299 299 Michael Beumer

I dragged a naked, bare-ass PST into Nextpoint and it was unpacked and processed right in there. In my 45 years of practice, this workflow is the best I’ve ever seen.

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