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Meet Our Highly-Rated eDiscovery & Litigation ‘Nextperts’

Meet Our Highly-Rated eDiscovery & Litigation ‘Nextperts’ 1000 600 Connor Jenkins

Our data strategy experts make your mountains into molehills. Our mission is to not only provide you with intuitive, easy-to-use eDiscovery & litigation software, but also advisory technical services if and when you need them. We’re client-centric, and everything we do – from our broad range of services to product development – starts with solving…

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The Nextpoint Nine: Secrets of Success in Litigation

The Nextpoint Nine: Secrets of Success in Litigation 150 150 Jason Krause

Nextpoint began more than a decade ago as a litigation services company supporting a handful of loyal customers. Since that time, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and Fortune 100 companies in all kinds of high-stakes litigation. We know that preparing for trial is an unpredictable and difficult proposition for even the most experienced…

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Trial Support Goes Mobile

Trial Support Goes Mobile 150 150 Jason Krause

Having been involved in trial support for more than a decade, we know that chaos and last-minute revisions are often part of litigation. We’ve also seen a lot of complicated and convoluted solutions for managing trial evidence on site come and go over the years. That’s why we think litigators everywhere should love Trial Cloud…

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