New Highlighting Control Makes Review Faster

New Highlighting Control Makes Review Faster

New Highlighting Control Makes Review Faster 150 150 Jason Krause

A new highlighting feature in the Nextpoint platform gives reviewers the ability to highlight words in a collection of documents.

Review attorneys often rely on highlighting to help speed up the pace of reviewing large collections of documents by making it easier for human reviewers to spot important words or phrases.

Users have long had the ability to find words or to highlight terms on an individual page with the Find function. This enhanced highlighting capability makes it easier for reviewers to have keywords and phrases highlighted in every document in a collection, helping along any review effort.

Keyword/Keyphrase Highlighting

For example, in an employment case, reviewers could choose to highlight every time the name of the employee in a matter comes up in a document, or any other particular words and phrases related to the dispute.

Customize your highlighting

This feature is found via the Settings tab of the Review and Prep modules in the Nextpoint platform. Advanced users can click on Settings, then choose the “General Settings” tab to choose words or phrases to highlight in all documents in a collection.

Users can use the color chooser to select the highlight color for any word. These highlights will only be found in the text version of a document, and not the imaged or native version.

Because Nextpoint is cloud based software, this feature is available now to all users. We hope this update makes your next review project even easier and speedier. As always, please contact us with any comments or suggestions to further enhance the Nextpoint platform.