Social Media Investigation: Tales of Crime from the Cloud

Social Media Investigation: Tales of Crime from the Cloud

Social Media Investigation: Tales of Crime from the Cloud 150 150 nextpointguest

You’ve gotta love the Internet. My current online obsession is watching Da Bears superfans flying grill class. However, the same thing that makes the Internet great for users is the same thing that makes life difficult for intellectual property holders. At Nextpoint, we’ve seen Youtube, Facebook, and social media evidence become a central part of many types of large scale, intellectual property matters. Capturing that information for litigation is now vital for many of our biggest clients.
For example, what do you do when your client’s trademark or intellectual property is being abused by another who is publishing the offending content on the Internet? This is a relatively common complaint. Or does it seem like every time you surf to YouTube to check out the latest discount double-check video, you find some joker displaying, and yes, even selling your client’s mark? You tried asking nice, tried sending a cease and desist, but it’s time to take it up a notch.
Enter Cloud Preservation

social media sleuthing

Two not-so savvy social media sleuths at work.

Web and social media investigation for litigation is one of the most common uses for Cloud Preservation. Armed with the ability to quickly capture all of the videos in a YouTube channel with a few clicks, you can quickly collect reams of video evidence (properly authenticated, of course) and can begin to review it right away. Cloud Preservation automatically crawls your web properties, saving an archive of HTML source code and multimedia content, including forensically complete pages, all indexed and searchable with our robust, full-text search.
But what’s this? Your target also has a blog, a Facebook page, and is selling stuff on Craig’s List? Don’t worry, Cloud Preservation will get that too – and capture any changes going forward. (Here’s a fun game – use Cloud Preservation to keep track of what comes off his website when your complaint is filed.) This kind of investigation is one of the most common uses for Cloud Preservation.
Cloud Preservation is so easy to use anyone at the firm can do it. Just type in the web address of the infringing content or any properties controlled by your target and start capturing. Customize the captures using a simple step by step wizard – OR – if you don’t want your first visit to Tumblr to involve capturing content for litigation, let Nextpoint take care of everything for you with a turnkey technology and services offering.
Social media is a key piece of evidence in capturing cheating spouses, insurance fraudsters, and small time crooks of all stripes. However, it is now central to many large scale intellectual property disputes. Fortunately, Cloud Preservation is built for exactly this kind of investigation. For more information about Nextpoint’s social media and website archiving tools, contact uswatch the Cloud Preservation demoor download our social media archiving white paper to learn more. As always, it’s free to sign up with Nextpoint for a trial of our social media archiving service.
Now, back to YouTube – I gotta check out those Bears fans in grill class.