eDiscovery & Social Media: Everything You Need to Know

eDiscovery & Social Media: Everything You Need to Know

eDiscovery & Social Media: Everything You Need to Know150150Jason Krause

Social media collection is now a vital and challenging part of almost any legal matter.

To make sense of this complicated area of law, the Client Success team at Nextpoint has distilled all of their experience in this emerging area of law and made it available in plain and simple language.

Collectively, Nextpoint’s Client Success team has decades of experience with social media and website collection for litigation. That knowledge is now available in one, convenient guidebook. Download Nextpoint’s free, easy-to-use Anatomy of a Tweet white paper to successfully manage social media evidence in any legal context.

This guide includes:
  • The 5 Federal Rules of Evidence that apply to social media
  • The technical challenges in authenticating social media evidence
  • How to convince a jury that Internet evidence is authentic
  • A look at recent case law pertaining to social media and Internet evidence

Find out what the most influential judge in social media law has to say, what it takes to authenticate social media evidence for a jury, and the essential features of accurate social media collections.

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