We’re all looking for ways to work faster, more efficiently, and effectively. In litigation, you hear a lot about topics like predictive coding, analytics, and cloud computing as the keys to faster legal review. But today, let’s consider some more practical and day-to-day considerations, like keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts? Yes. Keyboard shortcuts, like “Alt + Ctrl.”  Nextpoint has integrated a whole list of shortcuts into our applications to help you speed through those necessary but repetitive tasks involved in any review project or trial preparation.  A cheat-sheet is available via a link in the upper-right corner of the screen while reviewing documents.






Shortcuts have been made available for the most common coding operations, as well as page and document navigation options. For example, here are the shortcuts in Discovery Cloud to help quickly code documents (responsive, non-responsive, etc.), navigating through documents, and other commands to move work along quickly. The idea is to help you update a document’s status and move on to the next in the stack.

Alt + Ctrl + R Responsive
Alt + Ctrl + N Non-Responsive
Alt + Ctrl + F Requires Follow-Up
Alt + Ctrl + P Privileged
Alt + Ctrl + C Clear Coding


Alt + Ctrl + U Update
Alt + Ctrl + Enter Update & Next


Alt + Ctrl + Up Arrow Previous Page
Alt + Ctrl + Down Arrow Next Page
Alt + Ctrl + Left Arrow Previous Document
Alt + Ctrl + Right Arrow Next Document


Alt + Ctrl + H Show Help Menu

In addition, here is the shorter list of shortcuts available in Trial Cloud, to help users move through documents that have been uploaded into our evidence management platform. In the black drop-down menu, you can see the commands available in Theater, our document treatment and presentation tool for trial evidence. As you can see, users can make changes to their treatments with simple shortcuts, like clearing callouts or changing highlights that might have once been needed to make your case but need to be changed as you prepare your final treatments.

Keyboard Shortcuts TC

Keyboard Shortcut Theater











We’re all aboard with the big technology shifts needed to make litigation software more effective, but it’s also important to remember the more mundane technology to help us get things done.