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Fast. Simple. Secure.

Get your project started in minutes with no installation, no IT, and bank-grade security.



Internet-era Security.

Nextpoint hardens your security perimiter with state-of-the-web security protocols - ensuring your confidential data remains for your eyes only.

  Built-in, advanced defense against cyberattacks   

  Two-factor authentication of all users

  Military-grade physical protection of servers

  State-of-the art encryption technology 

  Granular user controls with complete audit trails



Get Organized.

Consolidate multiple data stores - paper files, shared network drives, DVDs and loose hard drives - into a single secured repository.

✔  Firm-wide data storage for all users

✔  Case-specific file rooms

✔  File sharing and collaboration tools

✔  On-demand storage, no servers to install

✔  Add new cases and databases on your own

✔  Tiered permissions control access to sensitive data


See Your Data

Quickly slice and dice large data sets to get a feel for where to focus your efforts

✔  Dynamic filtering and analytics tools

✔  Built-in processing quickly images native files

✔  Powerful search indexes locate key documents quickly

✔  Customizable by dozens of metadata fields 

✔  Grid and Classic Views available and fully customizable


Quickly code and categorize

Super-fast document rendering, coding and tagging tools to complete reviews efficiently

  Flexible search, filter & highlighting controls    

✔  Fully rendered, high quality images for review

✔  User-defined coding fields and metadata display

✔  Short-cut keys reduce mouse clicks

✔  Redact-on-the fly

✔  Multi-tab support expands review workspace


Deliver Data Via The Cloud

Deliver large data sets digitally with a few mouse clicks

✔  Eliminate hours of work managing physical disks

✔  Track and authenticate receiving parties

✔  Perfect for last-minute productions and deadlines

✔  Secured links and email reciept track delivery time

✔  Unlimited self-serve image stamping and numbering


Prepare effectively and collaboratively

Attorneys and support staff collaborate on identifying key facts

✔  Full featured deposition transcripts and video libraries

✔  Browser-based document call-outs and treatements

✔  Advanced tools for pre-trial designations

✔  Powerful foldering and filtering capabilities

✔  Customizable issue fields and coding panels

Financial Ops

Measure ROI and Control Costs

Capture investments, pass through accurately and measure gains in efficiency

✔  Account dashboards and case level reporting

✔  Time-keeping features

✔  Simple and easy to pass through pricing

✔  On-demand projects available

✔  Enterprise ready to standardize firm workflows