Ediscovery Framework and the FRCP – Planning Guide

A Practical Guide To The Federal Rules You Need to Know

The updated Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and emerging case law make it not only possible to make ediscovery a cooperative process — but if you know how to make the rules work for you — they level the playing field for all firms.

This 25-page essential ediscovery framework planning guide simplifies the Federal Rules you need to know into plain language, and delivers a straightforward ten step plan for more efficient discovery process.

This Ediscovery Framework Guide Includes:

  • Specifics of the ‘need-to-know’ Federal Rules 
  • Ten step plan for ediscovery planning
  • Clawback Agreement made simple
  • Clawback checklist
  • Bonus: Top 100 ediscovery terms glossary

Get your complete guide to more proactive and efficient ediscovery planning.