How to use modern data filtering and culling techniques to defensibly reduce data volumes and document review costs

Given the mind-boggling volume of electronic data flooding our world, finding relevant, discoverable information can be difficult and expensive. But, if your legal team is strategic about data filtering techniques prior to document review, you can drastically reduce eDiscovery expenses and simplify your search for evidence.

The purpose of this essential guidebook is to help modern legal teams understand and employ technical filtering to reduce eDiscovery data volumes early and control the costs and the scope of any matter.   

What’s in the guide :

  • Defensible standards for eDiscovery filtering
  • Understanding the technical aspects of data processing
  • Decluttering your evidence
  • Technical filtering and culling methods
  • Advanced filtering for additional data reduction

With a little strategy and planning, you can become smart about reducing ediscovery data with filtering techniques and drastically reduce expenses of review. This e-guide is your roadmap for success.