Rakesh Madhava- CEO
Micael Beumer- Head of Brand + Creative
Dex Iliev- Designer
Lynn Atkins- Designer
David Daskal- Content Specialst
Elizabeth Guthrie- Content Creator
Sales + Marketing
Brad Myers- Head of Sales and Marketing
Connor Jenkins- Digital Marketing Specialst
Rachel Zweiner- Digital Marketing Specialst
Kathryn Mullen- Sales Director
Jeff Hoven- Senior Sales Director
Maryo Compere- Business Development Manager
Will Boelter- Business Development Representative
McKenna Walter- Business Development Representative
Alexandra Fuhr- Business Development Representative
Tricia Boguslawski- COO
Lauren Kushner- Operations Director
Sonia Khan- FInancial Operations Coordinator
Jack Lipinsky- Operations Project Manager
Katy Herforth- Director of People Operations
Client Success
Karen Mann-Anand- Head of Client Sucess
Matt Counts- Client Success DIrector
Ben Thomas- Client Success DIrector
Krista Hylbak- Client Success DIrector
Megan O’Leary- Senior Service Director
Sonali Ray- Privacy & Compliance Officer
Peter Li- Software Engineer
John Thuet -Project Manager
Megan Riley- Product Support Specialist
Galen Burghardt- Data Analyst
Nick Junemann- Project Manager
Maddie McCabe- Project Manager
Spenser Hawk- Product Support Specialist
Ben Olson- Software Engineer
Ally Spear- Project Director
Rachel Kirby-Utz- Recruiter
Daniel D’Angelo- Head of Product
Anirudh Bomadevar- UX Designer
Issabella Santini- UX Designer
Annie Johnson- Product Manager
Leah MacDonald- Product Manager
Nori Benigni- Product Manager
Sirisha Surisetty- Tech Lead, Application Development
Discovery Dev
Dev Ops
Admin Dev
Adam Czech- Software Engineer
Ben Miriello- Software Engineer
Kevin Gustafson- Software Engineer
Ryan Merritt- Software Engineer
Anna Marie Tamayo- Software Engineer
Sam Porter- Dev Ops Engineer
Roja Puli- Dev Ops Engineer
Bryan Kerrigan- Director of Engineering
Thomas Debrux- Software Engineer
Jake Gerard- Software Engineer