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Nextpoint Included Features List

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Check Process 1 terabyte of data in 24 hours

Check DeNist

Check Deduplication

Check Full data processing

Check Searching, tagging, and culling

Check Advanced analytics and filtering

Check Advanced data analytics and reporting

Check Generate detailed client reports

Check Filter by upload

Check Filter by custodian

Check Filter by company

Check Filter by email thread or other types



Check Processing reports

Check Document splitting

Check Text highlighting

Check Email threading

Check Redaction

Check Relevancy coding

Check Privilege coding

Check Confidentiality coding and stamping

Check Responsive issues

Check Custom fields, tag

Check Bulk edit

Check Bulk tagging

Check One click tagging

Check Hot fields

Check Boolean search queries

Check Bates stamping

Check Time keeping

Check Duplicate identification

Check File storage with version control

Check Reviewer metrics

Check Sub-review metrics

Check User sub-review assignment

Check User management and assignment controls

Check Document sub-review assignment

Check Automatic language detection

Check Automatic file detection

Check Import zip, email (PST, IMAP, mbox, LiveNote)

Check Import PDF

Check Import image files, text

Check Import to/from case folder

Check Import Office

Check Import EnCase

Check Import video

Check Batch naming

Check Batch warning/error reporting

Check Export tiff, .dat, oll, lfp, dii

Check Export to Summation, Concordance,

Check Export to Trial Director

Check Export log



Check Privilege detection

Check Privilege log generation

Check Auto OCR for redacted files

Check Electronic data production (W.I.R.E.)

Check Export to Concordance, Relativity, Summation or .csv

Check Email-based workflow for productions

Check Secure, encrypted access controls

Check Access productions from any browser



Check Import depositions

Check Import transcripts

Check Deposition designation import

Check OCR image generation

Check PDF to TIFF conversion

Check Electronic exhibit stamping

Check Deposition objection and issue coding

Check Video deposition syncing with transcripts

Check Hyperlink depositions and documents

Check Preloaded coding fields

Check Image stamping

Check Customizable label, issue, and tag fields

Check Privilege log

Check Document treatments

Check Treatment export

Check Built-in presentation tools (Theater)

Check Built-in designation and video tools

Check Create and annotate document call-outs

Check Boolean search controls

Check Automatic list generation

Check Family document view

Check Detailed statistics and reports

Check Free exporting

Check User administration