Meet Our Highly-Rated eDiscovery & Litigation ‘Nextperts’

Meet Our Highly-Rated eDiscovery & Litigation ‘Nextperts’

Meet Our Highly-Rated eDiscovery & Litigation ‘Nextperts’ 1000 600 Connor Jenkins

Our data strategy experts make your mountains into molehills.

Our mission is to not only provide you with intuitive, easy-to-use eDiscovery & litigation software, but also advisory technical services if and when you need them.

We’re client-centric, and everything we do – from our broad range of services to product development – starts with solving your needs and the needs of your firm. So you can breathe easy during the moments it matters most in your case.

Big data requires bigger planning. Nextpoint data strategists are legal and technology experts. They help you defensibly reduce your eDiscovery burden at the outset and minimize expenses throughout any project.

These energetic people are dedicated to helping whenever needed. So here is a little bit about who and what makes our Nextperts amazing resources for everything in eDiscovery:


Megan O’Leary / Engagement, Senior Director

Education: Iowa State University | BS and MS Mechanical Engineering

Professional Background: Megan has twelve years of experience in Litigation Consulting, primarily focusing on trial services and presentation, and an additional three years in Marketing and Data Analytics at Leo Burnett (The inspiration for Mad Men). Now, Megan is combining her data analytics, design, and litigation knowledge here at Nextpoint.

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “One of my former colleagues, Chief Operations Office Tricia Boguslawski, joined Nextpoint about six years before she brought me over to the team. I was excited to learn more about the eDiscovery side of the Litigation continuum. I appreciate that I am always learning.”

Hobbies and Interests?I enjoy international travel, the Chicago Cubs, and my beloved Iowa State Cyclones; no explanation necessary, they are all inherently awesome.”


Sonali Ray / Legal Strategy Director

Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan Law School, John Marshall Law School | Mechanical Engineering & Law

Professional Background: Starting as a Mechanical Engineer, Sonali went on to pursue a career in Law, specializing in Intellectual Property. She has served as both a legal analyst and attorney. Going on eleven years in the industry, she is exercising her expertise on the technical side of the law with Nextpoint.

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “Nextpoint was a random LinkedIn find for me at a time when I was looking to pursue the more technical side of the legal industry. I have been at Nextpoint ever since.”

Hobbies and Interests? One random memory I recall is my first, and only, fish ever caught. It was a 40″ halibut in Alaska. Pretty proud of that moment. You can find me traveling, reading, golfing, skiing, cooking, and painting for fun.”


Spencer Hawk / Support Coordinator

Education: University of Iowa | English

Professional Background: Spencer’s previous work experience was as a Resume Proofreader/Editor and has been working in Technical Support ever since. Going on five years in customer support, Spencer is putting his service knowledge to good use by discovering needs and finding solutions for Nextpoint’s clients. 

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “I was looking for a job in a fast-paced environment with a lot of daily task variation, and Nextpoint fit the bill. Always up for any challenge clients bring my way.”

Hobbies and Interests:  “From being in an award-winning improv comedy troupe called Paperback Rhino to serving as a Production Intern for CollegeHumor in New York City, comedy is something that never fails to bring me happiness. I even got to be in one of their videos!”


Maddie McCabe / Project Manager

Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison | Political Science and Communications

Professional Background: Prior to joining the Nextpoint Team, she spent three years working as a Research Assistant and Intern at two different Mass Torts and Class Action law firms. And presently, Maddie has brought that practice and applied it to helping Nextpoint users.

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “Nextpoint crossed my mind through a referral I obtained from an internship I had at the firm Wexler Wallace, who had used the software as co-counsel. I respected the things I heard about Nextpoint, applied, and joined the team in the Fall of 2020.”

Hobbies and Interests:  “Born and raised as a child of Denver, Colorado I cherish hiking, skiing, and being outside. Travel and concerts are also always a good time.”


John Thuet / Project Manager

Education: Loyola University Chicago, American Public University | BA in History & Secondary Ed. & MA in History

Professional Background: John spent time in Education serving as an Interim Principal and went on to pursue a career in Data, his long-time interest. After serving as a business data analyst for several years, John is now utilizing both his education and data analytics experience for all things eDiscovery, supporting users at Nexpoint.

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “I always wanted to move into data analytics, so I enrolled and completed a “Coding Bootcamp” to master some new skills. From there, the search for a position in data began. After gaining experience within the industry, I got connected with our long-time Account Director Elyse.”  

Hobbies and Interests:  “I played Volleyball in college and am now trying to get my kids interested in the sport. I’ve already brainwashed my 2 and 4-year-old daughters into loving the game. They are going to make quite the Beach 2’s Team!”


Galen Burghardt / Data Analyst

Education: Kirkwood Community College, University of Iowa, DePaul University | Economics, Finance, Political Science

Professional Background: From keypunching on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to renovation demolitions, ice cream scooping, and politics, Galen has done it all. Prior to Nextpoint, Galen worked in inside sales, sales operations, research, and graphic design for a variety of analytics/data warehousing providers.

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “After working in data warehousing and analytics for several years, I went to a web development boot camp to learn how to code on my own. From there, I spent maybe 5-6 months building my website just to get my head better wrapped around writing code. Over those months a good friend of mine from the boot camp was hired at Nextpoint in marketing and UX.  She told me that Nextpoint was looking for someone to add to their Data Strategy Group. Now, here I am.”

Hobbies and Interests:  “Anything tangentially related to trees fascinates me. I appreciate woodworking with my son, birdwatching, gardening, really anything that has anything to do with trees. The idea of something living as long as trees do is fascinating. Some live up to 10,000 years. It’s baffling.”


Joey Campagna / App Support Engineer

Education: University of Wisconsin, Madison | Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science

Professional Background: Joey has been working at Nextpoint since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received two degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. At Nexpoint Joey has put his skills to work in App Support and now the Engagement team.

How did you get started at Nextpoint?  “I started at Nextpoint as a member of Tier 3 Support on the Engineering Team. Now on the Engagement team, I am excited to keep doing what I do best.”

Hobbies and Interests:  “Anything fast, affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly piques my interest. As the owner of a slim rig you will find me virtually racing, go-karting, or playing video games.” 


Benjamin Olson / Software Engineer

Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison | BS in Biology

Professional Background:I started as a Research Assistant at the University of Wisconsin building data visualizations for a study on soil health. From there I enrolled in a Coding Bootcamp where I familiarized myself with designing RESTful API modeling, Java Servlets, MySQL, Java, etc.”

How did you get started at Nextpoint?After graduating from an App Development Bootcamp I was introduced to Nextpoint and I’ve been there ever since. Day-to-day I always find the work pleasant and intriguing.”

Hobbies and Interests:I don’t get enough outdoor time if left to my own devices, so hiking is a good way to push me out of my comfort zone. Board games and fishing are also always a good time.”

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Some Services Provided:

ESI Protocol Prep: Win your “Meet & Confer” with our seasoned experts on your side

Data Collections: Lean on our specialists for email, cloud and remote collection projects

Tactical Data Reduction: Strategically reduce large data sets with advanced concept clustering

Artificial Intelligence: Leverage machine learning to make smart decisions early in a project