Customer Service

Lauren Johnson Riley

Lauren Johnson Riley 200 200 Keanan Koppenhaver

The customer service is by far the best part. No matter what the problem, they either have the solution or they will figure it out and get back to you quickly. No stone left unturned.

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Peter Graham

Peter Graham 150 150 Keanan Koppenhaver

The Nextpoint customer success team is very responsive to inquiries and issues. They have quickly understood our objectives, and have been good partners as we seek to drive efficiency in the document review, management, and preparation aspect of our practice.

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Kelly Mulcahy

Kelly Mulcahy 206 206 Keanan Koppenhaver

The customer service is exceptional! I’ve run into a couple situations where I needed help uploading documents/preparing documents to submit to the opposing side and every time I call someone is there to help.

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