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New Nextpoint Search ‘Auto-Populate’ Feature

New Nextpoint Search ‘Auto-Populate’ Feature 1000 497 Michael Beumer

To err is human; to auto-populate, divine. Ediscovery document review and case prep is often undertaken in the halo of tight deadlines, and stressful circumstances. You’ve got to wade through thousands of documents to find what you need – and quickly. That’s why Nextpoint engineers devote so much of their brain-power to making our search…

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Nextpoint ediscovery search

BIG Improvements to Nextpoint Search Tools

BIG Improvements to Nextpoint Search Tools 1000 699 Michael Beumer

We’ve just made searching through your data even easier. In 2017, we completed some major enhancements to the Nextpoint search engine which dramatically increased the speed of search results (we went from really fast to super fast). Today we rolled out some fantastic interface changes to make it simpler for users to deploy complex searches…

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