Making eDiscovery More Affordable

Making eDiscovery More Affordable

Making eDiscovery More Affordable 150 150 Jason Krause

Jason Velasco’s recent eDiscovery Journal column Does Anyone Still Think About Pricing in eDiscovery revives a topic close to our hearts, pricing in e-discovery.
Velasco points out that with recent attention focused on topics like predictive coding, less attention is being paid to a more fundamental issue in litigation – the cost of eDiscovery.

Unpredictable Data

There are lots of reasons why eDiscovery is expensive, but the main issue remains that parties don’t always know how much data is inside any data set collected for processing and review.
Velasco talks about meeting with a vendor at the recent Legal Tech in New York promising transparent invoicing that protects against rising costs. Transparent pricing is something we’ve thought a lot about over the years as you can see from this post from 2009 and again from two years ago.

Fewer Surprises

In our experience, eDiscovery costs are always somewhat unpredictable, but we think that by offering a single, low cost service for processing and review, there will be fewer surprises, no matter what kind of data is collected.
In fact, as data hosting costs continue to fall, the cost of eDiscovery should become much less of a burden.
In the recent Law Technology News article What Amazon’s S3 Price Drop Could Mean to Technology Vendors, Nextpoint CEO Rakesh Madhava talked about some of the ways vendors should be able to pass cost savings to legal technology customers.
You can look forward to new pricing news coming soon from Nextpoint that will make your costs even more straightforward and predictable.