Free eBook: How to Protect Attorney Client Privilege

Free eBook: How to Protect Attorney Client Privilege

Free eBook: How to Protect Attorney Client Privilege508381Jason Krause

Protecting the right to attorney client privilege is one of the most expensive and complicated parts of eDiscovery, but there is little guidance to help lawyers.

To fill this void, Nextpoint has updated and expanded our Best Practices Guide for Protecting Privilege, including the most important cases through the end of 2013. In clear and straight-forward language, this free white paper breaks down the recent case law and condenses it into simple instructions for protecting privilege in any matter.

There are hundreds or reported cases where lawyers lose the right of attorney client privilege from simple, avoidable mistakes. The Best Practices Guide for Protecting Privilege white paper has boiled dozens of the most important and precedent-setting privilege cases into ten sections. Each section explains the guidance from the bench on how to actively protect your rights in litigation, including the three-part test courts use to determine when privilege is waived for inadvertent production, special areas of concern like privileged attachments, and the controversial clawback provision.

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This white paper is available as a PDF, which you can download along with other Nextpoint resources and articles from the Nextpoint Ediscovery Guides page, or watch recorded educational webinars here.