Can the ABA TechShow Bring a Silicon Valley Sensibility to the Law?

Can the ABA TechShow Bring a Silicon Valley Sensibility to the Law?

Can the ABA TechShow Bring a Silicon Valley Sensibility to the Law?150150Jason Krause

We don’t attend many industry conferences.

After attending a few too many events, you start to see the same presenters talking about the same topics over and over. (Or even worse, the same speakers pretending to be experts on a slightly different topic each year.)

We will be at the ABA TechShow next week. TechShow is the best industry event for small and mid-sized law firms to get with the cutting edge of litigation technology. Unlike other events, TechShow sessions are CLE-approved, which means they tend to have much better content.

And Now For Something Completely Different

This year the keynote speaker will be Rick Klau from Google Ventures. Rick has been in the business world and out of the law for a long time, which is why it’s surprising he’s the keynote speaker. I used to talk to Rick regularly as a source for my ABA Journal articles on legal technology. He was always one of the most thoughtful and forward thinking legal technologists. (This is a guy who founded the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology while in Law School.)

But this outsider perspective is exactly what’s needed at an event like this. The ABA TechShow has been around for more than 25 years, and yet legal tech is still built around technology from the 1980’s. Consider that Summation is based on technology first coded in the early 80′s and Concordance was launched in 1984 by a company called Dataflight Software.

“The legal industry can learn a lot from Silicon Valley and how we think about innovation,” Klau told the ABA Journal.

He says the talk will focus on managing risk and how to shoot for major innovations instead of settling for incremental change. That’s a message the legal industry needs to hear.

TechShow Info

Conference: March 27-29, 2014 | EXPO: March 27-28, 2014
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