How much time and money will I spend on my document review?

Let’s get you a ballpark estimate in two simple steps.

STEP 1: How much data do you have?

How many email boxes (.PST, .MBOX, .NSF files) do you have and how big are they?

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# of email boxes total file size
  boxes   GB
Besides the email/email attachments listed above, how many other (“loose”) files are in your collection?
Estimated documents to review info

STEP 2: Let's calculate review time.

What percentage of these documents might be relevant? info

Available Reviewers

Qty Billing rate  $ /hr Documents /hr
Estimated Labor Cost

Available QC Reviewers

Percentage of Docs to QC  %
Qty Billing rate  $ /hr Documents /hr
Estimated Labor Cost
Total Estimated Hours
Total Estimated Labor Cost

Data Analysis

What's the total file size of your data collection?
(Email boxes + additional files)
import gauge

Import Size

This data load isn’t too bad, relatively speaking. You should take a look at eDiscovery pricing plans that charge primarily on a per-GB basis.

documents gauge

Documents for Review

Whew! This page count isn’t very high, at least compared to the average document review. You should be able to complete this project with manageable labor costs.

According to the available data, your review should be complete in about         business days.

Please Note: Actual document counts may differ considerably based on variables like deduplication type, search terms, compression standards and the contents of documents within container files.

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