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Small Firms Can Compete in eDiscovery

An eDiscovery Primer for Solo & Small Firm

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Small firms might imagine eDiscovery is like a John Grisham movie, where a plucky young attorney practicing law in a rundown office is hopelessly outgunned by a large, well-heeled law firm. There certainly was a time when big law firms could count on bigger budgets and staff to out-muscle opposing counsel at smaller law firms. But you can now download a free, 10-page white paper to find out how changes to state and federal rules have made it possible for even solo firms to offer complete eDiscovery service.

Titled eDiscovery: Leveling the Playing Field, it provides an overview of what a small firm needs to know in order to keep costs low, get the information needed, and offer competitive eDiscovery services in any context.

The paper points attorneys to the important case law and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (which most states have copied), definitions of important terms, and litigation tips that every attorney should know before going into discovery. Most importantly, lawyers are shown how to make the rules work for them–taking advantage of cooperative discovery practices to keep costs low while obtaining the digital records needed to make a case. The paper is an introduction–not just to the rules and case law small firm attorneys needs to know, but to a philosophy that allows smart attorneys to secure a just and fair decision for clients in the face of a deluge of digital evidence.

Written in plain English, with a glossary of common eDiscovery jargon, experienced litigators will find it a useful refresher, while attorneys with no experience in the eDiscovery process should find the information needed to make discovery projects manageable.

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Jason Krause

Jason Krause is a veteran of the legal technology industry with more than a dozen years of experience as a journalist covering eDiscovery. Prior to joining Nextpoint’s marketing department, Jason was a writer and reporter for the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, where he was one of the first to recognize and report on the impact exploding volumes of evidence is having on litigation. He has also covered the industry as a freelance writer and independent marketing consultant for publications such as Law Technology News. Connect with Jason on Google Plus.

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