Our Mission

Nextpoint’s defining mission is to build innovative litigation support solutions that deliver ultimate command over digital data for legal and compliance needs. Our deep understanding of the litigation process, our drive to innovate and our desire to continually evolve with rapidly advancing technologies keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Litigation Support SolutionsLitigation Support SolutionsLitigation Support Solutions


Nextpoint is a different kind of technology company—with its roots in strategic trial support for complex litigation.


Because we have worked alongside the best and brightest attorneys in the heat of battle, and garnered a privileged perspective on the litigation landscape, we have a deep understanding of the justice system and the unique technology challenges of eDiscovery and trial.


The biggest technical challenge facing the litigation and eDiscovery industry today is the management of exponentially increasing volumes of digital data across the litigation lifecycle. Our technology directly addresses this challenge.


We set out to create a smart alternative to long-in-the-tooth, locally-installed applications that are expensive and inefficient. Our applications are streamlined, powerful, and simple to use on any OS (including Mac).


Nextpoint’s technology running on Amazon Web Services cloud computing architecture has changed the dynamics of ESI management dramatically, providing exponentially faster processing, practically infinite storage capacity, and gold-standard security.


Our integrated technology platform is used by top law firms of all sizes, Fortune 100 companies, and organizations worldwide.


We firmly believe that great technology serves not only our clients, but the pursuit of justice on a grander scale.


As the technology of business communication evolves and changes (see social media, for instance) Nextpoint's technology platform evolves with it. Our services keep pace with the ever expanding data volumes and deliver a viable future-proof solution for organizations of all sizes.


Our commitment to continued technology evolution is without peer in the industry. Nextpoint leverages a cloud architecture, that by its very nature, will remain affordable and viable well into the future.