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News Flash: Technology Upgrades Suck

According to last years’ Midlevel Associates Survey at, associates were excited about all of the new gadgets and software being made available to them. For a brief period, it seemed like new devices, software, and even the latest Windows upgrade might finally give overworked associates the technology they needed. Predictably, this year’s survey found that associates are sick of all the technology upgrades.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Windows 7 upgrade many lawyers endured last year was more of a pain than a salvation. But there was plenty of exciting technology that should have at least made lawyers happy, right? Not really, the report found. “In short, associates were underwhelmed,” as one respondent from Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld said in an interview. “We all get spoiled with so many tech advances and then, nothing really happened.”

We can’t help but point out that there is an easy way to avoid technology upgrades fatigue. Simply, never upgrade your software. Using cloud software has a lot of advantages over traditional software- lower cost, security, no on-staff support, and unlimited scalability. But one of the best features is that users never, never, never, never, ever have to suffer through technology upgrades. As long as your browser is up-to-date, you are always accessing the most current version of any cloud software.

Just because a software solution is built for the cloud does not make it best-of-breed. But a cloud solution will always be better than a software solution that is locally hosted and requires endless patches, updates, and upgrades.


Jason Krause

Jason Krause is a veteran of the legal technology industry with more than a dozen years of experience as a journalist covering eDiscovery. Prior to joining Nextpoint’s marketing department, Jason was a writer and reporter for the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, where he was one of the first to recognize and report on the impact exploding volumes of evidence is having on litigation. He has also covered the industry as a freelance writer and independent marketing consultant for publications such as Law Technology News. Connect with Jason on Google Plus.

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