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iPads and Macs for Power Litigators

The iPad is now the primary computer for many people, and is rapidly growing up as a business tool. According to the new 2012 ABA Legal Technology Survey, over 28 percent of all litigators now use a tablet device in the courtroom, mostly for checking email, although roughly 10 percent use it for presentation and litigation support in court.

Trial with iPad and Mac

The flexibility, portability, and accessibility the iPad delivers is a great tool for litigators, but it’s really not that powerful if your applications aren’t built for the Mac environment. Unfortunately, Trial Director, Sanction and Summation are not supported on a Mac. Nextpoint, however is a native, cloud-based technology provider, meaning it works on your iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac desktop, or whatever platform you use. Additionally, in 2011 Nextpoint optimized all of its trial, discovery, and preservation applications for the iPad, meaning it will always look and run great on the iPad or any Mac device.

Native Matters

Optimization for the Mac and iPad matters most in the courtroom, where litigators need to know that their presentations and files look exactly right and they can access files quickly and easily. Most litigators know that many court reporters deliver deposition transcripts in the PTX format, which is a proprietary, encrypted file, only readable with RealLegal software. RealLegal is, of course, not well-suited for the Mac. As you can see in this tutorial on viewing transcripts stored in the PTX format, the format is a real headache for lawyers, especially if they need to quickly review a transcript in court.

One of the great benefits of web-based applications is the ability to be (largely) hardware/operating system independent. That’s why Nextpoint’s Trial Cloud is the only platform that supports PTX files for Macs, iPads, or any other platform you can think of. The Mac and the iPad are quickly becoming powerful tools for litigators. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before the rest of the litigation support industry catches up.

Jason Krause

Jason Krause is a veteran of the legal technology industry with more than a dozen years of experience as a journalist covering eDiscovery. Prior to joining Nextpoint’s marketing department, Jason was a writer and reporter for the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, where he was one of the first to recognize and report on the impact exploding volumes of evidence is having on litigation. He has also covered the industry as a freelance writer and independent marketing consultant for publications such as Law Technology News. Connect with Jason on Google Plus.

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