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Cloud Computing: A Cloud-y Future for Wall Street

Interesting article from Wall Street & Technology concerning the impact of the cloud on regulatory data for financial companies. Cloud Computing Gives eDiscovery a Lift by Wall Street & Technology.

Nextpoint deploys substantial cloud computing technologies within our platform.  It’s a feature, something we do on the back end that our customers are interested in, but its not the reason they buy.  They buy because we offer the same type of cost compressions and performance increases. It’s really simple and understandable.  We can scale rapidly to offer additional storage and processing without any infrastructure costs and lower total cost of ownership.

The same concerns highlighted in this article about regulatory processes are essentially the same ones our customers are looking to address with subpoenas and second requests.  Our customers benefit from being able to deploy turnkey, searchable, organized processing, review and analysis platform that shows a cooperative posture.

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