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What Generation Is Your Legal Software

Courtney got this link from her sister. It’s a newspaper ad from 1989 for the Tandy 5000 MC Professional System. First off, it just jumped off the page what an anachronistic view of technology this contained. It’s expensive, over $8k, and the monitor and mouse aren’t included! It also lacks power — just the phrase “lightening fast 20MHz” made me snicker.

But it got me thinking about the idea that Nextpoint is moving our customers off of this platform — finally, more than 20 years later! But the idea is still pervasive, down to the idea that this “strictly business” Micro (ha!) Computer operates “network operating software”. The fundamental model that this ad proposes – a standalone computer with business applications loaded on it connected to a network – is one all of the largest law firms in the country employ today.

That model is quickly being out-moded. Why? The users of the Tandy 5000 MC Professional System would be able to boot into and start using their business applications far quicker than any big firm lawyer can today. It just doesn’t work as fast as it used to. What other legal software model can you say that about?

Rakesh Madhava

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